The Powerful Symbolism 

of the Pyramid

• The pyramid- and more specifically, the triangle- is a powerful and simple shape that has appeared throughout nature and different cultures around the world. The power of this symbol is rooted deep in elements of spirituality, sacred geometry, mathematics, and mysticism.

• The pyramid has been used in the mathematics, construction, religion, and spirituality of many different cultures throughout history. Great minds like the Mayans, many throughout Southeast Easia, and most famously the ancient Egyptians all build pyramids as the magnus opus of their religion and science.

• This divine shape represents enlightenment, and a strong, deep awareness of things spiritual and secular. Triangles can convey many hidden messages, and help to guide you to move forward through different paths in your life.

• The shape and top point of the triangle hold great metaphysical power and stability. The top ooint of a triangle works like an arrow, directing us in the direction we need to go in life, and bringins us closer to the wisdom we need to achieve enlightenment. The natural shape of this can be a conduit of energy, radiating wisdom and spiritual awareness.

• Triangles may materialize in your life- and indeed, you might see many triangles everywhere. If this happens, it can be the universe telling you to change your path, and take a course of actions that is more true to your untapped potential for spirituality and greatness. The guiding direction of the triangle is the universe metaphorically pointing you towards a path of enlightenment and higher understanding.

• The triangle is associated with the flow of meditation, and indeed of life. In this flow of the triangle, we solely exist in the present moment, with no concern for the past or future.

• The power and beauty of the triangle is a guiding force for clarity, direction, and enlightenment. It can bring spiritual as well as secular ramifications, and help you learn the lessons you need to learn to reach your higher purpose in life.