"Every My Secret Pyramid is designed to bring you good fortune and joy with a dash of health and prosperity for your home so you can live in a space that’s protected by pure energy. Our creations attract and amplify positivity and karma wherever they are placed so you can tune into the frequency of your grand intentions."

How to use 


The Orgone Pyramid can heal the chakras and boost energy flow by creating a peaceful environment. Natural healing crystals of awakening your spirituality and inner wisdom, and the source of power to get in touch with yourself. Meditating with orgonite helps in attaining a sense of tranquility, which helps you concentrate more.


 Set the orgonite energy healing pyramid near your bed to clear your surroundings of negative energy and helping you sleep well. Sleeping well at night is important for a healthy life, and it will help in calming the mind to have a sound sleep.


Place it on the desk or at the office - Orgonite energy helps to filter and balance energy fields in our environment and aid strengthening your body by converting low frequency into higher frequency energy that is more beneficial for work or study and increases productivity.


Orgonite Crystal acts as a protector, absorbs all negative unbalanced energy that may be in, or come into your space, and transform it into positive balanced energy, sending it back out into the environment. And protects you from harmful energy that releases from the nearest technology devices that emit.


 The body has 7 energy points for each of the bodies.. They are thought to be spinning disks of energy that should stay “open” and aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being. The energy of each crystal stimulates your chakra just by bringing our essentials close to the point of the chakra you want to amplify.


Orgonite crystal is a powerful and beautiful form known for its ability to convert negative energy into positive energy. It helps to filter and balance the energy field of the environment.



Add this Beautiful Orgone Pyramid to bring a charm to your home decor. Good positions to place this energy crystal are in the dining room, living room, front door table, bookcase, bedside, office. Besides this is a great centerpiece for a spa, yoga studio, float center, business or home environment. Although They can be placed anywhere you want to for clear ambient energy!

For EMF protection

Place it near electronic devices such as computer, TV, & cellphone- We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies coming from all the electronic devices around us. These are cell phones, laptops, microwaves, televisions, etc. These harmful radiations can be damaging for the human body. Having this pyramid near you will help to shield you from EMF frequencies, thereby promoting healthy life.